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The Power of SEO: Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Despite all of great resources out there about improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there are a lot of myths floating around too. Believing in these myths can cause a company or organization to make some serious SEO mistakes and get their site penalized by the search engine.

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The Power of SEO: Creating a Keyword Strategy that Works

There’s one thing that a SEO strategy would be nothing without: Keywords.

You can have the best buyer persona in the world, the most well designed website in the world, and the best-written content in the world, but none of it will mean much in the world of SEO without proper keyword usage. That’s why keywords are the first thing you should focus on if you want to improve your website’s SEO.

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The Power of SEO: How do People Search?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy focused on growing visibility in organic (not paid) search engine results. In the past, it was mostly B2C organizations that needed to focus on SEO. But modern marketing world, SEO is incredibly important for all types of business, including B2B organizations. Businesses are now searching for solutions to problems in much the same as individual consumers. This is why understanding how people search is a vital first step to optimizing your SEO. 

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