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Master the Three Pillars of B2B Marketing

  • Modern B2B marketing rests on three critical pillars — if you want it to be effective
  • The most successful companies develop a strong strategic marketing plan to nurture their leads and succeed
  • To truly excel, you must marry different departments and develop a self-reinforcing marketing flywheel


B2B Marketing Challenges

B2B marketing is a tough beast to tame. The lengthy sales cycle means there are so many points where you can lose a lead. When that happens, it feels like all that effort was wasted — and telling yourself at least you learned something is a consolation prize. You try again, with a different approach, but that doesn’t work. Nor the next one.

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5 Key Points for Marketers on the Future of the HubSpot Platform

1) From the Marketing Funnel to Flywheel

The major theme for HubSpot and CEO Brian Halligan’s keynote at INBOUND 2018 was the idea of “retiring the funnel.” Instead, he urged marketers to create a marketing flywheel. Wait, what?

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Account-Based Marketing: The Next iteration of Smart Marketing

Hopefully, you’ve got your Inbound Marketing engine chugging along, bringing you leads that convert into customers. As you’ve built this, adding blog articles, developing personas, and measuring your efforts, you’ve probably started wondering, “exactly how specific can targeting go?”

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