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Budget Planning for Growth-Driven Organizations — Part Two

Last week, we covered the first couple of steps in transforming yourself into a revenue-driven marketing department. 

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Budget Planning for Growth-Driven Organizations — Part One

  • The pressures of operating a marketing department in fast-growing Canadian and US companies require a change in thinking (if you actually want to succeed and excel)
  • It’s not enough to just deliver the traditional materials and strategies the company’s expecting — you’ve got to innovate and deliver results
  • The answer? Undergo a marketing transformation and become a revenue-driven marketing department

Here’s your situation: you’re the CMO of a fast-growing B2B company. You’ve been tasked by the CEO — who’s under some big pressure to deliver 2x, 3x, maybe 10x growth — and the Board of Directors to develop a plan for the next 18 to 24 months.

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Master the Three Pillars of B2B Marketing

  • Modern B2B marketing rests on three critical pillars — if you want it to be effective
  • The most successful companies develop a strong strategic marketing plan to nurture their leads and succeed
  • To truly excel, you must marry different departments and develop a self-reinforcing marketing flywheel


B2B Marketing Challenges

B2B marketing is a tough beast to tame. The lengthy sales cycle means there are so many points where you can lose a lead. When that happens, it feels like all that effort was wasted — and telling yourself at least you learned something is a consolation prize. You try again, with a different approach, but that doesn’t work. Nor the next one.

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