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WEBINAR: Revenue-Driven Marketing and Exponential Growth

Written by Ryan Bromsgrove on Nov 12, 2018 10:23:41 AM

Over the last two weeks, we covered the question of transforming into a revenue-driven marketing department in Budget Planning for Growth-Driven Organizations.

Now, we’re taking things one step further with a webinar expanding the topic.

Date: November 14 | 11:30PM  MT

Presenters: Saher Ghattas, John Robbins


  • Building your marketing foundation
  • Integrating your marketing technology stack
  • Agile campaign budgets
  • Sales and Marketing alignments
  • Account-Based Marketing

Companies seeking to achieve exponential growth in the next 18-24 months face very specific challenges. A CMO can find themselves answering to a CEO under direct pressure from the board of directors to expand the business.

Understanding how to respond to that with a clear strategic marketing plan is a task that may seem daunting — but you’re not alone!

Join in and Chart the Way Forward with Revenue-Driven Marketing

If you’ve been following the conversation, it’s time to jump in, learn directly from presenters Saher Ghattas and John Robbins, and ask the burning questions that have been on your mind.

How do you ensure a CRM solution gels with your IT? How can you predict how long it’ll take for results to rev up? Exactly where should you be allocating your money?

Register for the Nov 14 webinar right here. And if you’re in Edmonton, we’ll be going even deeper on November 20 with an in-person session at our HubSpot User Group meeting!

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