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Have questions about the world of B2B Sales and Marketing? Wondering if you're doing the right thing to drive revenue growth? Flawless can help. 

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Your Real-Life B2B Sales and Marketing Questions: Answered

As a leader in the Canadian B2B Sales and Marketing industry (sorry, sometimes we like to brag a little), we're approached by a lot of companies with questions. Some are technical, some theoretical, some practical, but they all have one thing in common: they all come from companies like yours looking to drive revenue growth. Sometimes we got so many questions it felt like we were running an advice column. That gave us an idea: what if we actually did have an advice column? So we started one! It's called Dear Flawless and it's open for all of your questions now. 


Dear Flawless . . . How Does this Advice Column Work?

Dear Flawless bg-3All you have to do is submit your sales and/or marketing questions using the form on this page and we'll answer them in our monthly advice column on our blog. Don't worry - all questions will be anonymous when they appear in the post.

When you submit a question, you'll automatically be subscribed to our monthly newsletter so you can get notified when your question the column is published and your question is answered. If you want a more in-depth answer or if you have some follow-up questions after you see the answer, we'll always give you the opportunity to speak with one of our expert team members in-person or through email. 

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