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How To Choose the Perfect HubSpot Integrations

In 2018, HubSpot made the decision to move from a product to a platform, empowering you to connect HubSpot to multiple integrations in a couple of clicks. Now HubSpot users can enjoy numerous ways to interact with customers and keep track of everything. An important note here: these integrations would depend on the license you have for each of them and for HubSpot itself. Since the number of martech start-ups and applications grows, it can be hard to find exactly what you want and assess your individual need for a specific integration. Let’s have a look at points to think about before setting up an integration.

The COVID factor: How a Virus is Pushing Digital Marketing Strategies

Most of the changes brought upon us by COVID were overwhelming in the not so good way: almost overnight, the whole world was forced into lockdown in an effort to prevent the spreading of the novel corona virus. From one day to another, nothing was the same – not even marketing. In this blog post, I’m sharing some observations on the past half a year from my point of view as a Marketing Technologist. Enjoy the read!

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5 Simple Ways Referral Programs Can Help Your B2B (& How to Implement Them)

Why Do You Need A Good Referral Program?

  1. Cost-efficiency

A referral program is easier and more cost-efficient than a traditional marketing campaign because it relies on the loyalty and satisfaction of existing customers. With a traditional marketing campaign, you need to invest time, resources, and money to get people to notice your business.
A referral program, on the other hand, is a simple and effective way to create awareness and build competitive presence: you rely on your existing customers – and most loyal fans (who already have a relationship with your brand) – to spread the word. They know how great your business is and will be happy to share their positive experiences – for free!

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