How to Create Content That THRIVEs

We all know that content should be exciting and engaging, but basically every funny meme matches these criteria. Is that alone good enough? My answer: there's always room to improve! Here's a writer's take on it.

Dealing With Change In The Workplace

When asked about the workplace, we often come up with ideas of things that could be done differently or even some completely new processes and procedures. Yet, when things do change, we often get terrified and uncomfortable. In this blog, we’ll cover the six stages of successful change.

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Five Modules You Should Use On Your Website

An average user spends 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) forming an opinion about your website. The decision to stay or to leave gets affected by numerous factors: layout, design, content etc. You might think that comparing an Ecommerce website to an educational one doesn't make sense, these are polar industries with their specific business models, and that's fair. But any successful website should meet certain criteria regardless of their industry. In this blog, you'll learn what modules you should have if you want to build strong relationships with your clients and boost lead generation.

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Risk Mitigation for your Digital Transformation Journey

I bet almost every email or blog you've read since March started with the reflection on the pandemic and how hard it hit everyone. But trust me, it fits here. Whether we wanted it or not, the global pandemic made it clear that going digital is crucial for any business. Your leadership team (one way or another) learned the value of Digital Transformation: they now know that it's one of the vital strategic differentiators for your organization, and it will help accelerate your recovery plan for 2021. But after the first motivation hit and excitement waves are ebbing, critical questions begin to surface: how long and how much? Here are my thoughts.

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5 Steps to Leverage the Power of Team Blogs

Has your company ever dabbled in the fine art of the team blog? Then you probably know how difficult it can be to keep everyone on schedule and how rewarding the outcome is. In this article, we're presenting Flawless' strategy to team blog success – from planning an editorial calendar to advertising the results on social media.

Financial Software for Growth and SUCCESSFUL Planning

Are you frustrated with your company’s Financial Software? Then this text is for you! Generally, business growth is an admirable goal to achieve. When companies change, expand, and grow more complex over the years, most small and mid-sized businesses are reaching a crossroads: legacy software or – behold! – manual accounting and financial processing can’t keep up anymore and the looming decision of adapting a new financial management platform. But which one is right for you?