COVID-19: How Resilient Are Your operations?

 As the Co-Founder and COO of Flawless Inbound, I believe that having resilient operations is important for all industries. Operational Resilience is a form of lived Change management that we practice every day and on which we fall back in times of rapid change. It ensures business continuity and allows us to successfully navigate all types of risks – including pandemics like the one we are currently experiencing with CoVid-19.

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5 Tips for Better Sales and Marketing Alignment

In the past, sales and marketing used to operate as two completely separate entities, with two completely separate goals, and two completely separate KPIs. Not anymore. These days, the alignment of sales and marketing teams in any B2B organization around shared goals, KPIs, and strategies is critical to the success of both departments.

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Change Management – Now More Important Than Ever

In its original meaning in Greek, the word crisis isn't good or bad, but completely neutral. It denotes a turning point – a time when one has to make a decision in one direction or the other. As a society and an economy, we are currently experiencing such a crossroads situation in the face of the recent outbreak of CoVid-19.

At Flawless Inbound, we take those developments seriously and understand the anxiety the situation is causing for everybody. We strongly believe in the virtue of Responsibility as a central part of our corporate culture. As the company's CRO and Co-Founder, I would like to take the opportunity to speak to the importance of Leadership and Change Management in these challenging times. 

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