Five Modules You Should Use On Your Website

An average user spends 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) forming an opinion about your website. The decision to stay or to leave gets affected by numerous factors: layout, design, content etc. You might think that comparing an Ecommerce website to an educational one doesn't make sense, these are polar industries with their specific business models, and that's fair. But any successful website should meet certain criteria regardless of their industry. In this blog, you'll learn what modules you should have if you want to build strong relationships with your clients and boost lead generation.

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Try Something New (And Safe) in Your 2020 Marketing Plan

Many companies get stuck in routines. It’s easy to do something because that’s always the way it’s been done.

And that’s true of everything from a production line to a customer service team to your marketing program.

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If It Won't Improve Traffic or Conversions - Don’t Do It

This article isn’t pulling any punches. I’m putting my foot down with some simple facts and stating clearly that if a growth marketing strategy is not focused on improving either traffic or conversions — don’t do it. Period.

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