10 Questions to Marketing Technologists

Every day, I dig through a lot of work-related content like blogs, websites, or case studies – and every time, each tab I open or file I download promises the most valuable and insightful information. Over the past several weeks, I noticed that what does catch my eye are the more humanized types of publications, like behind-the-scenes articles or relatable life stories. And that’s what we want to offer you from our Flawless Inbound team. Let me introduce you to the very first – and I hope not last – interview style blog where our professionals share their personal, unique points of view on what they do at work and why it matters to them.

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One Year Later – Five Ways Marketing and Sales Have Changed for Good Because of the Pandemic

Well, it’s March again. For many of us, March 2020 marks the last time business felt “normal.” Even though many companies have gone back to their offices physically, the impact of the changes to sales and marketing can still be felt. In fact, there are some things that changed about how we do marketing and sales that are permanent.

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A Practical Guide to Marketing and Sales Alignment Automation for HubSpot Users

One of the most critical elements of a modern sales and/or marketing strategy is alignment with the other department. Sales and Marketing alignment has always been a vital part of successful business strategy, but with a lot of teams moving to all virtual (or at least less in-person) communication this year, having this process automated and agreed on is even more critical. In this guide you'll find ten steps to better align your team using HubSpot automation tools.

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