Five Reasons to Keep Your Website Updated

If you are a list person, building a website is a task you won’t like since it’s impossible to tick it off. In fact, working on a website is a never-ending process because your website is a work in progress, and there’s always something to improve, optimize, and develop. While many people focus on adding new content and driving traffic to their website or consider updating the website only when it’s time to rebrand, redesign, or change CMS, it’s essential to keep the website updated no matter what your plans are. In this blog, we’re looking at five main reasons why updates are crucial. 

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The Most Valuable Resource in the World: Oil or Data?

Unfortunately, the only free cheese is in the mousetrap. You pay for everything you use. Even the free applications and subscriptions you enjoy every day have their price – the data. It’s also the natural component of using services and applications you pay for. While some people are terrified of the idea that someone’s using their data, others find it a norm because they understand why data is valuable and how it circulates in the Internet World. In this blog, we’re looking at the value of data.

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Four Fundamental Elements To Include In Your SEO Report

Whether you are an in-house marketer or an agency team member, reporting is one of the essential aspects of marketing. It gives you proof of results and provides you with data that you can use to make better-informed decisions on your (or your client’s) marketing strategy. It helps you understand the market trends, what your customers are looking for, and how to keep up with your competitors. For an SEO report, you should consider what is crucial for your team or client, but several elements are almost always important. Here are four elements that you should include in your SEO report.