Navigating the Crisis

Great Leadership in Times of Change 

It’s March 2020 and the world is facing tough times: the spread of the Corona virus across the globe has brought whole countries to their knees, people are experiencing sickness and the challenges of self-isolation, and caused stock markets to enter a downward spiral. Anxiety and concerns are omni-present. 

The challenges we are dealing with right now – the burden of social distancing, worry about friends and families, financial insecurities, or simply not knowing how long the pandemic will last – they are affecting all of us deeply. But that doesn’t mean you should lean back and await the end of all days – because this is not the end of all days. It’s an obstacle to overcomeand that’s how you should think about it: a turning point in which you have the power to set the tracks for a brighter future. 

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Our Contribution 

We want to pull our weight and make our years of experience in change management and strategic business enablement count – that’s what leadership means for us. We are offering a special COVID-19 Sales & Marketing Lite Program™ for businesses who need help with the transition and setup of HubSpot. 

The situation is changing daily. Mastering change management right now means to find the right balance between adapting quickly and careful planning: on the one hand, you must observe and come up with the right strategy; on the other, you have to think about the implications your decisions have for the future. 

When faced with rapid change, many make the mistake of relying solely on strategy and under-valuing the driving force of change. At Flawless, we believe that your best shot at getting your business or enterprise through the crisis, is to make change your strategy. Think about it for a minute: with everything in constant motion, only an adaptive strategy allows you to react quickly when (once again) something unexpected happens. 

From Junior Management to CEO – this is the time for leadership and management executives to shine and demonstrate their change management skills. Be aware that your actions as leaders and managers have considerable impact on the people around you (staff, partners, clients) – attitudes are contagious.  

Stay calm, refrain from making rash decisions, and observe current developments. You should try to communicate more than usual – not to overwhelm everybody with artificial optimism, but to address concerns and keep people informed. All these actions help you cement a trustful relationship with the people inside and outside of your company.  

In a time of crisis, Leadership and Management execs have to be smart and know when to take a step back. Delegate tasks and focus on building a framework for your team to give their best. Knowing that your team has your back lets you focus on the high-level decisions you will be facing. 

Modern leadership goes far beyond the traditional, all-in-one-hand decision-making style of micromanagement and running every detail by senior management. Instead, it sets the tracks for your team and partners to make informed decisions, step up, and use their potential to the fullest in this crisis. We see it every day at Flawless: trusting in our team and their abilities creates the thriving environment that is the foundation of our company.  

As a forward-thinking leader (which you obviously are since you’re reading this), you choose the people you work and partner with based on their qualifications, adaptiveness, and other great qualities. Tap into this wealth of knowledge and creativity – you’re in this together and you didn't build up a coherent Company Culture just to toss it out the window when the going gets tough. Great leadership is giving others the opportunity to shine, too, and you might be surprised what hidden talents the pressure brings out in your team.  

It’s hard to imagine right now in the middle of it, but this pandemic will be over at some point. And while predicting an end point is impossible, this is the perfect time to start thinking about what comes after and planning to get everything on track. 

A lot can happen in the meantime, and there are countless variables that might derail the best-made plans, but a well-educated guess is better than a complete shot in the dark. As a starting point, work off what you already know: travel, in-person meetings, physical locations, and other business operations will be affected. How you react to these challenges will largely depend on your industry and business model, but in any case, be prepared to get creative and work under the assumption that every problem has more than one solution.  

Destination: Future

There will be an After the Crisis. That's not uncalled-for optimism, but a fact. Flawless Inbound has proven to be a reliable and persistent partner for over 90 B2Bs. Change is a process, and we are here for you throughout the duration of the CoVid-19 outbreak, supporting you in the change management, mid- and long-term planning, and recovery phases – or whatever else comes your way. 

The Time to Act is Now

Let's create an itinerary towards a brighter future for your business. As your Business Enablement partner, we help you overcome challenges and design a solutions-focused strategy that fits your needs.

Change Management – Now More Than Ever

In its original meaning in Greek, the word crisis isn't good or bad, but completely neutral. It denotes a turning point – a time when one has to make a decision in one direction or the other. As a society and an economy, we are currently experiencing such a crossroads situation.

A Message to CEOs in the US and Canada

There are plenty of encouraging words and great messages out there for CEOs who are dealing with the current crises. We wanted to share some of our favourites with you and provide 5 useful tips. 

How Resilient are Your Operations? 

Operational Resilience is a form of lived Change management that we practice every day and on which we fall back in times of rapid change. It ensures business continuity and allows us to successfully navigate all types of risks  – including pandemics like the one we are currently experiencing with CoVid-19.

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