Empowering Growing Companies to Reach Beyond QuickBooks

Online Event, July 29th, 11am - 12pm MST

Push the Limits of What's Possible for Your Business 

You've been using QuickBooks or similar entry level softwares for long enough to know that at a certain point of growth you're starting to experience additional obstacles, extra workload, and short-term workarounds instead of the promised easy financial and inventory management.

That's because your business is developing, and the question is how long QuickBooks can keep up with your growing needs and requirements. 

In this session, you get an expert's view on: 

  1. The functionalities Quickbooks and NetSuite have to offer.
  2. What business growth doors NetSuite can open.
  3. Enabling your team to focus on critical tasks, not the technology bugs.

A big migration comes with a lot of questions. We're here to answer yours. 

Is it profitable for an SMB to migrate to a bigger platform? How can I avoid implementation risks? Will our team be on board with such a big change?

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Saher G.

Founder & CRO, Flawless Inbound

With 20+ years of experience in B2B Sales and Marketing for mid-sized to large organizations and extensive leadership experience, Saher is passionate about working with Founders, CEOs, and Marketing Managers – and always helping businesses navigate tough times and challenging markets. 


Tom K.

Director Product Marketing, Management and Analyst Relations, NetSuite

Years of strategic and tactical business experience in positions of increasing complexity and responsibility in various fields turned Tom into a product storyteller. As a product marketer and strategist, he helps define product offerings, competitive positioning, messaging, go-to-market strategy and analyst relations.

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