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Survival of the Quickest:

What to Prioritize in Sales, Marketing & Services Right Now


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As a Thought Leader in Business Growth and Change Management, we have helped over 90 B2Bs across North America overcome recessive markets and revenue bottle necks in the past 6 years. Based on our experience and monitoring of recent market trends, we want to share with fellow businesses our recommendations on what to prioritize in Sales, Marketing & Services over the next weeks and months. 

Join us for the first digital workshop in our new Event Series "On Track for the Future:"

“Breakthrough Despite Outbreak: Survival of the Quickest”

Original Air Date:
April 8th, 2020 
11:30AM – 1PM PST

What to Expect

Expert Presentations: 

Our experts – Flawless Founder and CEO Saher Ghattas, and Senior Inbound Growth Strategist John Robbins – will be presenting on the Flywheel model of Revenue Growth ­– and explain why this approach is more effective during a time of rapid change than the traditional funnel. 

Actionable Advice: 

We never hold a workshop without providing some real, actionable advice you can take back to your business to start making progress right away. We understand that to stay afloat means to take action as soon as possible, so we'll be sure to leave you with real-life tactics and strategies. 

Quality Q & A

Saher and John will be on hand to answer your individual questions throughout and at the end of the presentation. 

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What is the Flywheel? 

In case you’re new to the Flywheel model: it’s the idea that the sales process is not over after all transactions have been finalized and contracts signed. Rather, it embraces the circular nature of business operations and aligns marketing, sales, and customer services.  

How does the Flywheel Model Promote Stability During a Crisis?

It’s a well-known fact that acquiring net new names is way more expensive than retaining existing ones. The current situation has made acquiring new business very difficult. So how can the flywheel be more effective than the traditional funnel in addressing this? Here are a few hints: through reassessment, lead scoring, and alignment.


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Assessing Your Flywheel Readiness 

Adapting a new business strategy means to ask the right questions to determine your status quo, identify the right areas to start implementing change, and fully embrace change management. Having the right partner by your side makes this journey easier. We invite you to tap into our experience working with more than 90 B2B companies and make that first step towards your Flywheel success by reserving your spot.

We've Done This Before.

Check out a quick clip of our last in-person event in Vancouver for a quick preview of our typical presentation format. We'll be moving it to online this time, but we'll still be presenting as if you were all in the room. 

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The Speakers


John Robbins

Senior Inbound Growth Strategist, Flawless Inbound

As a Senior Inbound Growth Strategist and expert on B2B Sales and Business Development, John is familiar with the challenges faced by SMBs and start-ups trying to scale up their business development operations. John recently executed a partnership pipeline of more than 800K for a Vancouver SaaS company in under a year. In this event, John will be sharing best practices and tips that growth stage B2B’s will do well to adopt.  


Saher Ghattas

CRO, Flawless Inbound

As an experienced founder and innovator, Saher Ghattas brings more than 20 years of passion for B2B marketing, change management know-how, and time-tested business acumen to the table. In this event, he will show you the ins and outs of the Flywheel model and how to adapt them to your needs.

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