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You live and breathe Manufacturing. Your business is to make the best and most innovative products in the manufacturing industry and meet the rising demands of the modern market place. We serve the professionals just like you. With our full Business Enablement and Digital Transformation strategy, your products will get the attention they deserve. 

Canada’s most reviewed Diamond HubSpot partner is now offering its services in beautiful Vancouver! Why go in search of American partners and pay in USD when you have the only Advanced Implementation Certified Canadian HubSpot partner right here in town?

Whether your HubSpot strategy needs a boost, or you would like an expert to build the sales, marketing foundation for your growing business, Flawless Inbound is the right choice with over 120 HubSpot implementation projects under its belt. Here are some areas of our expertise:

Sales Enablement & CRM Implementation

  • Approaches to sales differ not only from one industry to another but also among companies working in the same field. With HubSpot, you can build a sales process that fits your Vancouver-based manufacturing B2B and your sales philosophy using one of the ten tried and tested sales frameworks and advanced customization features
  • What’s more, in the world where we have to deal with screen-to-screen meetings instead of face-to-face ones, selling through distance is a skill you want to have. HubSpot CRM is the tool you need to empower the sales team! 
  • Although we all know how crucial it is to keep Sales and Marketing aligned, it’s a real challenge to put this knowledge to practice. We are ready to share our expertise to make the lead handoff process smoother than ever and boost your close rates!

Video Sales Enablement

Seven out of ten people you’re trying to reach prefer watching videos over reading. HubSpot allows you to integrate customized videos into your sales and marketing strategies to achieve higher email open rates and drive engagement. Stay on top of things by recording your “straight to the point” sales pitch and book more meetings to hit your targets!

If you are also a visual learner, here's our pre-recorded workshop "The Ins and Outs of Video Sales and Marketing."

Website Design for Ecommerce & Hybrid Commerce

It’s a pain for each manufacturer to acknowledge the need for leaving brick-and-mortar locations behind. Good news: with Hybrid Commerce, you can try out new distribution channels and business models without sacrificing too much! HubSpot is the tech stack you need to start the eCom or Hybrid Commerce journey in the right way because it lets you create a seamless user experience and reduce friction

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