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What's This Book All About? 


This book is dedicated to marketing managers, and CMOs of B2B organizations around the world, who are tasked with bringing transformation to their organizations by creating a functional Marketing Department that is 100% Revenue Driven, while being challenged with the ultimate ‘mission impossible’ on the planet - Sales and Marketing Alignment.


This book is also dedicated to CEOs, who know that marketing is critical in bringing them 10X or more exponential growth for their B2B organization, and to VPs of Sales, who are 100% frustrated by the marketing effort. They are praying, each day that their team can help them by bringing them closer to their Annual Revenue numbers.


Also, to the Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Business Owners, who are working hard every day to build an organization, who are tasked with exponential growth and who believe that marketing should be doing more than just branding and storytelling.


You are not alone, and this book is also for you.

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