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Journey to the Summit is the only book of its kind for the Canadian business landscape — and it’s available for pre-order right now. All our secrets in an engaging, informative format primed to help businesses embark upon successful growth expeditions.


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Saher Ghattas shares an insightful and captivating story of a marketer's journey to not only evolve her career but to make a difference. As if that weren't enough, the book is a rich primer on modern inbound marketing, the methods that work best, and how to bring those methods to life!

David Weinhaus

Head of Partner Sales Enablement of HubSpot

Flawless has made a meaningful impact to our brand and marketing in just a few years. Our Flawless "pod" fully understands our business processes, and feel like fully integrated members of our team. I regularly recommend Saher and his team.

Addison Parfeniuk

Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving Co.

Real-Hardcore Growth Results
In our 15 years of growing our business, we have never encountered a service as impactful to our new business growth as Flawless Inbound. We have been Hubspot users for over 5 years, and although we had done a decent job at utilizing many of the great tools available, once the Flawless team got involved, our results went through the roof. They have enhanced every aspect of our use in Hubspot and as a result improved our marketing efforts across the board. Their expertise in knowing how to maximize the benefits of inbound leads has directly impacted our bottom line and is elevating our company to a new level now competing with some of the larger players in the industry. Thank you Flawless Inbound Team!

Dan Roberge

CEO Maintenance Care

“My take on Flawless Inbound is simply this: it makes a heck of a lot more sense to fish in a sieve than open water! Saher exudes charm and makes the voyage of discovery a lot of fun. Trust him — we do.”

Dr. Roger Hodkinson

CEO and Medical Director, Western Medical Assessments Corporation


Saher offers some great insights into the secrets of “inbound marketing” through the art of storytelling. I felt like I was there sitting in the meeting room as I read through the book learning a powerful new marketing metric or methodology in every chapter. This book provides you with the tools and techniques needed to survive the new era of business digitally in an engaging and prescriptive way. The details of a marketing MBA program explained with the practicalities of real life. A must read for the seasoned markets specialist and the novice learning and wondering “why is what I am doing not working?”

Nim Nadarajah is one of the founders of CrucialLogics Inc.

Navigating the change in Marketing and Sales approaches that has been brought about by the internet and social media tools can be no easy task for businesses. Saher does a masterful job in holding the reader's attention by telling a story about a marketing manager and her journey to transform her company to next generation when it comes to Marketing and Sales. In the process of the transformation, Saher lays out a sound framework not just for Inbound but revenue growth Marketing.

This strategy will benefit any business with a goal of growing revenues by helping them to define their goals and objectives, create an executable plan, leverage technology to automate the process, organize their sales and marketing teams to get the most effective outcomes and measure the results.

Shane Warnez VP of Sales for Fortune 100 Company leading a Team for $150M revenue

I was delighted to discover Flawless Inbound after a comprehensive review of numerous digital marketing agencies for a major client. Their team quickly became a trusted partner on many challenging and successful projects. What impressed me the most was FI's values-based management under Saher Ghattas who is as passionate about his staff as he is about digital marketing. If you're looking for a savvy digital marketing company with a big heart, I encourage you to seriously consider this wonderful Edmonton company.

Kenn Bur

Citizen Strategies

Flawless Inbound played a significant role in onboarding us to the HubSpot platform. In addition, they also lead the development of a microsite, custom content creation, and inbound marketing campaigns that helped generate sales leads. We've come a long way and we share many successes with Saher and everyone at Flawless.

Kevin Der

PCM Canada

Sales and marketing working together 

Want a sneak peak of the book?

We've selected a few passages from the novel to showcase the learning path that, "Connie" follows to achieve marketing and sales success.

"The key ingredient to the inbound marketing process is having context regarding who your key buyers are. It is all about understanding their interests, being able to identify their pain points and finding a solution that will add value to their lives."

"Due to the sheer volume of content available, consumers simply don’t need to reach out to sales early on in the buying cycle anymore. Prospects and customers are becoming increasingly selective in the businesses they trust... sales teams need to work together cohesively and focus on attracting qualified leads and closing the right customers."

"Connie read the email in dismay yet another trade show, which would cost a small fortune and probably not pay for itself in revenue. In her experience trade shows cost between $12K and $35K just for the booth, then there was travel and business costs on top of that, employee and operation costs and then the ‘give away’ prize. By Gibbons’ own omission trade shows were 80% of his marketing budget. It would mean another two days of aching feet, boredom and false smiles."

Yet another trade show, (which would probably not pay for itself in revenue)

Trade shows are not what they used to be. Today, trade shows are likely to be ineffective as a sales vehicle, costly in terms of extra employee pay, and printing costs of brochures that would be stocked piled afterwards but also the actual venue costs. However, the traditional sales methods, (i.e. Trade shows, Messaging, Pitch decks, Cold calling, List building, Elevator pitches) do not have to be stopped altogether if they are still bringing a return on investment— only adjusted.

The goal is now to help consumers find the information on their own and use it to their advantage. 

Connie knew without marketing and sales alignment, growth was a constant uphill battle. If the two teams could work collaboratively towards a common goal the barriers would come down and company growth would quickly accelerate. She knew sales complained about the quality of the leads and marketing were frustrated by the lack of follow up and leg work put in when engaging with prospects.

There just weren’t clear data points to measure, and therefore neither team could see the other delivering (or not) on their agreed upon metrics. 

"A marketing and sales SLA is an agreement, almost like a contract, holding each other accountable for the results. In an SLA, marketing commits to generating a certain quality of qualified leads and sales agrees to follow up those leads and opportunities appropriately. An SLA is all about the numbers and makes it easier for these two teams to work together."

SLA Formula

"We have a website, which is more than enough technology for our business. We paid a substantial amount of revenue on that website, it has all our products on it and a fill in form, and surely that is more than enough?”

“Unfortunately not, we need to engage our customers and make the site much more interactive... the website as it is now is just a glorified brochure, nothing more. We could utilize it so much more..." 

"I’ve watched how inbound marketing is outperforming traditional marketing. Every day we hear about another brand leader growing their business due to inbound marketing."

"We are spending as much as 10% of our annual budget on marketing, but by applying inbound marketing, we can put hard numbers against marketing performance. We have to embrace such concepts as brand awareness, impressions, and conversions.”

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Like any intrepid adventurer — you need a reliable guide to get you to the top. We’ve seen B2B companies complete their "Journey to the Summit" when they follow the right strategic map, aligning reliable pitons from our sales and marketing playbook to support the ascent.

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It's the Journey that counts not just the Destination. While you're climbing the steep mountain to the summit, it will get even steeper sometimes, less oxygen on the way up with even more gravity that will pull you down.

You need to remember that only at that time your true self will rise to the occasion and hopefully you are in the correct organization that has a healthy culture to drive you and your team forward.

If not, push hard to build that culture.

- Saher Ghattas

Journey to the Summit_Top

Saher and his team are very passionate and knowledgeable on inbound marketing. I learn something new every time I interact with Flawless Inbound.

Ismail Attitalla

Edmonton Brewery Tours

I have received numerous comments from people on LinkedIn about the great brand we’re creating for ourselves.

Dean Townson

ACSI - Alternative Converged Solutions Inc.

As a customer of HubSpot I am familiar with how cool the product is. It is helping drive our business to the next level. Furthermore, I am so impressed with Flawless Inbound as a partner of HubSpot because I know the kind of talent, professionalism and expertise they offer on top of what is already an amazing CRM.

Nicky Kearns


We enjoyed working with Flawless Inbound, including Saher, on the development of a content marketing plan to attract new customers to a microsite. The group helped us implement HubSpot, build a microsite, and begin launching a series of blogs, videos, and podcasts. We appreciated all their efforts and celebrated many successes.

Raza N. Hussain

Athabasca University

Flawless Inbound has been critical for our organization to help have one point of contact for all of our marketing needs. Most importantly they have helped automate some of our sales processes by customizing the HubSpot CRM platform. This is helping us find data easier and save us money by being all on one great platform. I know this was no easy task to integrate 7 locations with different levels of access to the platform. Thank you Flawless.

Stu Starkey

Two Small Men With Big Hearts Canada

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