Levelling Up With CMS

Free Online Workshop | April 29, 2021 | 11am-12pm MT

Show off your products from their best site!

WordPress and Co. are great solutions – free, versatile, and easier to use than hardcoded websites.

However, there are some major drawbacks: constant updates and security risks as well as a lack of customer support can turn a free option into an obstacle for your business development. 

Our in-house team consisting of our Web Specialist and Growth Strategist show you what to look out for and how to level up your CMS game. 

PS: As always, our monthly workshops are free and we'll take some time at the end to answer your questions. See you there!



Erika J.

Growth Strategist, Flawless Inbound

As a Growth Strategist, Erika works with HubSpot every single day. And it's not just for clients, but for Flawless itself (yes, we really do practice what we preach and use HubSpot for all our marketing and sales needs). She's always keeping up to date on the latest and greatest HubSpot developments to ensure the platform is being used to bring the best possible results for clients in all industries. 


Antoine T.

Senior Graphic Designer and Web Developer

As the resident web designer and developer, Antoine has mastered many programming languages and knows the ins and outs of WordPress and HubSpot development.

What he loves is creative freedom! He enjoys thinking hard and out of the box for his concepts. Although his job can sometimes be challenging, it pushes him to better himself every day and come up with revolutionizing solutions!


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