Successful Digital Transformation for Manufacturing B2Bs

You're the best in manufacturing innovative products.

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Your Products – From Vancouver For the World to See

You live and breathe Manufacturing. Your business is to make the best and most innovative products in the manufacturing industry and meet the rising demands of the modern market place. With a Netsuite Solution partner, like Flawless Inbound, and the right Digital Transformation strategy, your products will get the attention they deserve. 

Manage Your Sales, Not Your Customers!

What seemed to be a pandemic workaround is here to stay – and no less in a sought-after market location like BC. Your customers – whether B2B, B2C or a combination of both – don't want to be limited by either in-person, remote, and e-commerce channels, they want to have it all. And if you want to grow your business, it's time to harness this opportunity. Oracle NetSuite empowers omnichannel purchasing to help you reach new markets and delight your customers. 

Time to Fulfill the Promise

You got the order, you have a fantastic product. How do you connect the dots? By managing the orders in the most efficient way.
  • Use highly customized billing schedules and templates to automate billing processes and eliminate manual work.
  • Keep track with real-time receivables and product profitability reporting.
  • Be ready for growing demand with accelerated demand planning and input control. 
  • Stay in the know about what's going on in the Supply Chain. The balance between having "just enough" in stock and storing more "just in case" is fragile. With the right inventory management tool you can align supply with expected demand and allow for appropriate inventory levels to sell through right on time. Auto-calculate reorder points and stocking levels based on historical precedence
All in one place  – Oracle NetSuite by Flawless Inbound.


  • Local Standpoint, Global View: Adjust for currency, taxation and legal compliance differences at the local level, with regional and global business consolidation and roll-up.
  • Financial Management: Enhance intercompany accounting, costing, and payment managing 2. Close faster- automate process for expense amortizations; dynamic allocations for allocating direct and indirect costs 3

Service & Support

  • Streamline case management, manage warranty returns and enable customer self-service 
  • Drive customer satisfaction and retention through a unified data set supporting sales and service (single view of customer, single view of order, customized KPIs, view into all customer interactions)

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