How to Do Effective Sales and Marketing Alignment in Your CRM: Download the 10-Step Guide

Research shows that 87% of sales and marketing leaders say alignment between Sales and Marketing departments enables critical business growth. But 90% of sales and marketing professionals feel their processes and content are not aligned.

Learn how to bridge the gap with our guide on how to effectively program your CRM to foster successful alignment.

Misalignment of the sales and marketing departments is one of the biggest opportunities for customer happiness and business growth that B2B organizations (in particular, though this also applies to B2C) are missing 

This guidebook will take you through 10 different strategies you can use to program your CRM for alignment processes. A few tips you'll learn include: 

  • Developing an Internal SLA
  • Programming Lead Scoring
  • Setting Up Shared Dashboards
  • So Much More


What is Smarketing? 

Why Sales and Marketing Alignment is More Important than Ever

Smarketing is a word used to combine both Sales and Marketing. At its basis, it means getting both your sales and marketing teams aligned around one cohesive strategy, process, and set of goals. This is key to ensuring that your contacts have a seamless journey from the first time they interact with your organization to the time they become a customer. Having a strategy in place will keep your teams on the same page and working as efficiently and effectively as possible towards the goal of maximizing revenue.

In a CRM or sales/marketing software, there are technical tools that can be implemented to enable smarketing for your organization. HubSpot specifically has many tools designed to help ensure sales and marketing teams share goals, information, and reporting for a successful smarketing strategy.

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