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Go-to-Market Blueprint for $10M+ B2B Organizations

Original Date: September 24th, 2020 | 11.30am – 12.30pm MT


Dealing with a Tough Market

The #1 reason why companies fail to grow in any market – COVID or not – is that they lack a predictable, repeatable, and efficient method of acquiring and retaining clients.

If you are the VP Sales, VP Marketing, or Revenue Growth Leader of a $10M+ revenue B2B, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do we drive a <30 day sales cycle?
  • How do we enable 10x Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)?
  • Are we utilising the entire spectrum of marketing channels available?
  • What actions do we take to enable a large scale sales team?

Already have questions? Not to worry! In this workshop we'll be sharing our Go-to-Market blueprint that will help you answer them for good.

Here's the schedule: 

  1. Review of the 5-Layer Sales and Marketing Growth Architecture Model
  2. Understanding the 3 Go-To-Market motions that must be in place before execution
  3. Discussion and Q&A

As always, our monthly workshop is free.


On the Road to Recovery

Even if you're confident in your B2B's operations – and few are these days – there's always room for improvement.

We will share with you the blueprints of our Go to Market Strategy for $10M+ revenue B2B organizations – drawn from working and learning with 120+ B2Bs in the US and Canada.

Our step-by-step instructions are based  and how a few easy adjustments can put you on the fast lane on your way to recovery.


Strategies From Our Expert in Chief

Our co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Saher Ghattas, will be conducting this webinar. In his 6 years in this position, he and his team have helped and and worked with 120+ B2B organizations on their journey to the summit.

Besides kicking the competition with his Karate skills, in his earlier life Saher was a leading Sales/Marketing executive for one of the Top INC 100 Silicon Valley companies valued at $55B.

In this workshop, he's passing on his unique knowledge, inside experience, and best practice to you. Learn with the best in business and set yourself up for the fast track to success. 


Saher Ghattas

Founder & CRO, Flawless Inbound

With 20+ years of experience in B2B Sales and Marketing for mid-sized to large organizations and extensive leadership experience, Saher is passionate about working with Founders, CEOs, and Marketing Managers – and always helping businesses navigate tough times and challenging markets.