Creating a Customer Advocacy Platform for B2Bs

Methods and Practices to Produce Customers that Promote Your Brand 

Social proof can make or break a business. Those with excited customers talking about the service make it — those without lose. This is even more costly in B2B, where one lost deal can mean a dollar cost in the tens of thousands.

  • What you need to know about producing and leveraging happy customers
  • How to build an engine that uses sales, marketing, and customer service in tandem to delight your customer
  • The stats about customer loyalty your business needs to know

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Customer sharing a tip

People Trust People

  • Online reviews are more important than ever — anything less than a 4 is a risk
  • One negative remark about your business takes a ton of work to outweigh with positive
  • People talk. Make sure when they talk about you, they're saying the right words.

Don't Dismiss The Value of Customer Advocacy!