Stop. Breathe. Take a moment to understand what's getting in the way of growth.

Flawless Inbound's Saher Ghattas and Erika Josephison will walk you through the 16 tests that help reveal whether you're actually ready to scale — or if your foundation needs work.

It's a free, one-hour webinar open to anyone. We've got a packed program to get through to ensure you walk away with the tools you need to quash your those marketing, sales, and service hurdles.

Diagnose the health of your B2B's 2019 growth.

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Original Date: Thursday, April 25 | Original Time: 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. MT


B2B growth diagnosis

"Diagnose my B2B's growth health?"

We've got a little secret we're going to let you in on. You'll have to watch the webinar, of course. But here's a taste:

  • There are three broad categories of B2B growth-readiness: foundational, maturing, and scaling up.
  • You want to be at that last stage! But there's work to do before you get there.
  • Before you can even do that work, you have to know where you are. That's where this webinar comes in.

What We Discuss

  • The 16 questions that help pinpoint problems facing growth for any B2B
  • Learn how to get your B2B ready to scale up
  • Our process, informed by lessons learned from working with a diverse group of B2B companies, laid bare to help you

Plus audience questions!

Identifying business problems

Erika Josephison

Account Manager, Flawless Inbound


Erika is an Account Manager at Flawless Inbound, working to facilitate the growth of B2B companies from a variety of industries. She's also been deeply involved with our own B2B diagnostics program. 

Saher Ghattas

Founder, Flawless Inbound

Saher good headshot-1

With 20+ years of experience in B2B Sales and Marketing for mid-size to large organizations, Saher is passionate about working with Founders/CEOs/Marketing Managers to bring results that influence their top line revenue.

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