Revenue-Driven Marketing and Exponential Growth

When a CMO is facing intense pressure to deliver results that drive growth, the cure is to transform into a revenue-driven marketing department.

This webinar will is an in-depth exploration of the topic, with presenters Saher Ghattas and John Robbins sharing expertise gained through years of experience and countless case studies of marketing success.

Original Date: November 14 | Time: 11:30 a.m. MT

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Achieve Growth through Revenue-Driven Marketing

If you’ve been struggling to leverage the Marketing Department to deliver the growth you’ve been seeking, this webinar is your answer. Whether you need to figure out where and how to allocate your budget, what sorts of people you need on your team, the key secrets no marketing department should operate without, or even how to push your success even further once the basics are in place, you’ll want to get it on this one.


  • Building your marketing foundation
  • Integrating your marketing technology stack
  • Agile campaign budgets
  • Sales and Marketing alignments
  • Account-Based Marketing

And audience questions!


Saher Ghattas

Founder, Flawless Inbound


With 20+ years of experience in B2B Sales and Marketing for mid-size to large organizations, Saher is passionate about working with Founders/CEOs/Marketing Managers to bring results that influence their top line revenue.

John Robbins

Inbound Marketing Consultant, Flawless Inbound


At Flawless Inbound, my focus is to help SMB's with an individual account-based sales/marketing growth strategy and create reliable digital lead generation engines that drive growth.

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